Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Off to Toronto for bern

Went to Toronto few weeks ago with my grandma to visit my relatives. It was just a short 4 day stay for me, so I was on a tight schedule.

I was not use to seeing so many highways in comparison to Vancouver! I don't think I can live here without a car! I bet busing would probably take longer in comparison with Vancouver.

Of course one of the most go places is wonderland!
Believe me, when it comes to rollercoasters I can't handle the ones that spins in circles. Those just makes me wanna barf.

Makes me feel dizzy just by looking up @@;;

It was fun hanging out with my cousins. They were very generous in keeping me company for the past four days :)!

And of course we went to drink tea. How can you not go drink tea with a bunch of relatives!? Haha

Weather in toronto was amazingly good during my stay. Couldn't help but having a BBQ day at my relatives place.

After seeing my relatives' dog, Captain, I can 100% guarantee myself that I m a cat lover. Captain was so tiny yet hyper to a point that I just didn't know how to react! Haha

Last day before heading to the airport we went to Eaton mall to do some shopping. Its huge compare to metrotown! Haha I felt bad making my cousins wait for me while I go crazy shopping. They probably thought I was a shoppaholic =_=;;

I enjoyed my stay! But I missed home! And it's just 4 days!

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