Monday, January 14, 2013

After one month using The Regimen from

I having been using The Regimen Skincare routine for about 1.5 months now. I have to say this product work/ did not work for me. Sounds confusing ay? Let me explain myself.

For me, I realize my breakout continuously came from the left side of my face (near the ear). So I thought maybe it's because I always use the left side to talk on the phone or sleep on dirty bed sheet. But what became weird is that I am getting pimples around my mouth area as well. So I took a guess that hygiene isn't the main cause but actually a symptom of what my body need attention of. For those of you who watches bubzbeauty's video on "What is your acne telling you" ( heres the link to her video: or down below ) would probably have a better understanding of what I am talking about. Like how bubz say, our face is like a blue print that indicates our internal health. But believe me, I didn't bother to do research on what it means to have acne on the chin or cheeks...etc.

Instead I end up going to acupuncture to see what's wrong with this horrible breakout. After going to see the Chinese doctor for weeks, the doc managed to diagnose the cause of the pimples. Its mainly due to what I eat and what time I go to bed (like 1-2am =_=). I am the type of girl that likes to eat and drink things that are cold(ice cream, cold Drinks, fruit salad, name it), especially in the summer. Having to intake cold stuff at a regular base is actually very harmful to your body, especially for women during the time of the month. And its important to be in bed by 11pm (I know it sounds like telling a kid to go to bed) because that is when our body needs rest and regulate itself and trying to get all the toxins out.

Any who back to the Regimen! So when I said the Regimen didn't work on me its because it does not help me PREVENT the pimples from forming. However, the benzoyl peroxide (bp) did help me shrink/ dry up my acne once it appears on the surface of my skin....(evil!). I would recommend to stop using BP once you are sure that your acne is cure because its too strong for our skin- especially if your skin is thin. One thing that scares me is how BP acts like a 'bleach'. Which makes sense on how it helps clear out blemishes. I wouldn't say my face got whiter, but other than noticing my pimples and blemishes going away a lot quicker, I notice the pillow sheets I had been sleeping on obviously got whiter *shiver*!

In conclusion, the Regimen is worth a try (if you wanna cut to the chase, I say stick to the treatment-BP) but don't necessary put your hopes high that it will 100% cure your acne problem. It might work for me (kinda) but doesn't necessary work on you. After all everyone have different types of skin, right?

As you can see from this picture, I still have some pimples underneath my mouth and cheeks. And thankfully some of the blemishes can still be covered with makeup. But I do hope that with the aid of acupuncture and the regimen, I wouldn't need to apply foundation to cover up my whole face!

Hope this review helps a bit and let me know if you have tried The Regimen from !


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