Friday, December 28, 2012

Neargo (aka. Chiavari) ?

I recently came across to this cat book again that I ADORE. In Chinese its called "貓國物語 Neargo". I think if it was to translate it to English, it would be called, "Neargo". Its written by a Japanese writer named, Mori Azamino. 

It comes in three series. All talks about the characteristics of individual cats living in Neargo. The author explains that there is such place but just wouldn't reveal the real name of the city and location. Rumors says, it could be Orbetello, Grosseto (Toscana) ....Santa Margherita Ligure.....Chiavari. 

It would be such an amazing trip to travel there. If anyone knows where this place it LET ME KNOW!

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