Sunday, December 16, 2012

November 2012 Topbox

I apologize for not getting this up sooner than I was suppose to since I was away! So here are the goodies that I have received from Topbox for November.

From left to right:
Pari Beauty Lip Paint Red
China Glaze Nail Polish I'm not Lion
Benefit they're Real!
Roberto Cavalli Deluxe Miniature Perfume

The Roberto Cavalli's bottle is quiet adorable but when I first took a sniff it, the scent was just like any other regular perfume to me. After the second time I smell, there's a bit of soapy scent in the perfume. But still, I don't really like the perfume.. just not my taste.

I didn't like the redness of the Pari Beauty Lip paint but I like how it smells like chocolate!

I don't know if its just me ... but it always takes me a few tries to determine if I like the mascara or not.  There is always a big blob of uneven mascara on my first try and it gets better as time goes.  I can't say I like it a lot (at least its doing its job as a mascara) but the wand is pretty flexible and the tip is extra long and pointy to do the bottom lashes (which is a thumbs up!) 

I am in love with this gold sparkly nail polish! The perfect color for Christmas! 2 coats would definitely do the trick! But it would probably be painful when I have to remove it...


  1. You got a pretty good box there :)
    I love the mascara : ) i wish i got the china glaze nail polish =(
    i got the perfume & polish duo =____=

  2. Its alright! Maybe your December box would be better!
    btw did you do their monthly survey?