Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Topbox December 2012

No doubt this month's Topbox is a big disappointment to many girls since its Christmas and we would wish companies like Topbox to show some generosity! But personally, I didn't expect much from them because the more you expect, the bigger the disappoint is... So here goes for this month's samples:

Left: Chloé Eau de Parfum, 5ml
Right: Goldwell Hot form Spray, 150ml full size
A lot of people have been raving about the Chloé perfume on how good it smells. 
I guess it does smell pretty nice. haha. But what I really like about it is the cute little sample bottle!
As for the Goldwell Hot form Spray, its a heat protected spray. 
But considering its a "full size" its actually a pretty tiny hairspray!
Can't wait to give it a try because the only brand that I've tried is the TRESemmé heat protected spray (which doesn't really "protect" my hair ends)

Ferro Cosmetics Blush X3
I've got to say when I first opened this, I looked at the color of this blush and I thought..."its shimmering brown."... no way it can be a blush for my yellow skin type...I guess I will use it as a eyeshadow.. I wasn't very please with the packaging because when I opened, the powdery dust was everywhere! grrr.

Kellett Skincare Clarifying Acne Treatment, 3ml each
I have been having a lot of acne problems for the past few years and its been getting more severe but thankfully its getting better after I start using The Regimen from (I shall do an update later on my skin!). So after reading the ingredient in this sample, it contains 5% of Benzoyl Peroxide. What it is, "is used as an acne treatment, for improving flour, for bleaching hair and teeth, for polymerising polyester and many other uses."- Wikipedia
After putting this on your pimples, it basically whitens your blemishes and dries up your pimples. 
Comparing the Kellet skincare with the Regimen, the Regimen only contains 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide... Personally, after the first week of using the Regimen's BP, it already made my skin super flaky (yes, I might have put too much on my skin to begin with which my skin didnt get used to it) But what I am trying to say is, since the 2.5% BP can already make my skin that flakey... no doubt Kellett's BP could make it worst! Therefore, when using it the first time don't put too much!!

Was this month's Topbox a thumbs up or thumbs down for you?




    Well to be honest, i was pretty happy with my box. I understand that they should've done 'MORE' considering it's a holiday box but ehhhhhh. i guess we get what we paid for lol. (I also got my first luxe box from loosebotton and it was pretty nice! but omg $26!)

    Anyways, in my december topbox i got ...

    chloe perfume sample, china glaze - jungle queen, goldwell - volumn style jelly boost, and ferro's 3x foundation (i wish i got the blush tho)

    1. Yea! I agree with you! your dec topbox is pretty good! China glaze's nail polishes can never go wrong!

      OMG! hurry up and do a review on your luxe box! I wanna know what you got!