Sunday, March 11, 2012

10 Days of Happiness

For the past 10 days I flew back to Hong Kong as a miniature getaway or vacation or whatever you call it.
It was a good experience. Everyday seems like a hectic day, yet, it made me feel as tho I was able to live my life to the fullest. 

During my stay, I was being super generous to my tummy and taste buds by spoiling them with one dessert a day. 
Day 1: Cheesecake Tart @ Pie & Tart
Taste best when they are freshly baked out of the oven.

Day 2: Mochi Ice w/ taro, vanilla, chocolate, coffee
Vanilla and Taro Mochi is always the best! They can never go wrong.

Day 3: Forgot what this is called, its a combination of desserts made out of mango ("duh! obviously bernice!") @ Hui Lou San
I loved the bottom left one, specially the mochi!

Day 4: Cinnamon Apple bread with Vanilla Ice Cream
Whats special about this bread is that it's crispy! Tasted very different. 

Day 5: Mango with shredded milk ice
Apparently this was a Taiwanese dessert! Didn't know that!
This dessert would be perfect for summer time.

Day 6: Cookies Quartet

Day 7: Double Layer Milk Pudding
Its a MUST eat whenever I come back to hk

Day 8: Mango wrapped in Mochi with coconut sheds
@ CityPlaza's foodcourt
I liked this dessert but could of been better if the coconut sheds smell/taste stronger.

Day 9: Mango World
Oh my. this is the worse mango dessert that I've ever had...
It's basically mango, pearls, milk jello mixed with mango and coconut sauce together. 
The milk jello didn't taste anything like milk and the pearls were overcooked...

Day 10: Mango with Mochi @ Hui Luo San
I just had to have this again. It's basically the bigger version dessert that I had from day 3.
The scoop in the middle is actually mango + coconut ice. 

I know, I know... most of the desserts that I had were mango and mochi! That's because they are the most common dessert ingredients that people in HK likes! But seriously, mango and mochi is the best combo!

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