Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eye Masks Review

As promised earlier, this post is about the eye masks that I've purchased when I went back to Hong Kong.
All of these eye masks can be purchase at a cosmetic store in Hong Kong called "Sasa". You can basically find Sasa EVERYWHERE O_O in hk...

Just a little info about myself, I have combination skin type, heavy dark circles but weirdly no eye bags and few pimples and red blemishes from here and there (OK, maybe a little more than a few..!).
Some of these eye masks maybe a hate or a like for me, but does not necessary goes the same for you!

Dr.Morita- Q10 Eye Mask
I hated this eye mask! I think I have allergic reaction towards the ingredients or some sort. After putting the eye mask on for few minutes, my right cheek (upper) begins to have a bit of stingy feeling... So I just immediately took it off and when I look into the mirror, there's already a small swollen bump near my eye area... gaaa!!! But I did give it a try again a week later, yet there is still a little discomfort...Therefore, this eye mask is a No-No for me!

Dr. Morita- For Dark Circles
I guess the reason I brought this is because it says "FOR DARK CIRCLES". I have heavy dark circles so I would basically buy anything to get rid of my dark circles (as long as i can afford it of course). In comparison to the Q10 one that I've just mentioned, this one is much more mild and gentle. Basically in this eye mask the main ingredients were vegetal placenta, platinum peptide, vitamin K and tranexamic acid. What it does is to help rejuvenate and revitalize our skin by hydrating and increasing collagen as well as whitening effect! But to be honest, I don't feel this product really helps cure my dark circles.

What I liked about this eye mask is that its not the type that would make a mess after taking it out. It's basically like sticking two pieces of stickers under my eye. I usually use this when I am super duper tired that day so I can just fall asleep immediately without worrying I might get all the serum on my pillows. On the other hand, without the liquid serum texture, it feels as though it defeated the purpose of the product- revitalizing the eye area. It really does feel like I am putting stickers onto my face.

My Bright Face Mate- Brightening Patch
This eye mask is similar to the DHC one, a hydro gel type of eye mask. The key feature of this patch helps to "brighten dark circles and spots". After removing the patches, what's left on the patches is only the cotton layer and the jelly layer was gone.

This eye mask contains ingredients such as Ceramide and Trehalose. Ceramide helps block and protect skin from any harmful pollution in the air. As for Trehalose, what it does is to help keep the water component within our skin.

In general, I don't really think these eye patch work for me.. probably because my dark circles is just WAY too dark to be cured. However, using these patches do make my eye area feel more hydrated, so thumbs up for that!

-Love, Bernice

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